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Modern Family’s Andy Should be Promoted to a Series Regular Next Season
Robarney in the rain
Special guest star Adam DeVine first appeared as Andy Bailey on the ABC hit comedy Modern Family in Season 5’s “The Help.” Andy was hired by Jay and Gloria to be Joe’s new manny. In the following episode, “A Fair to Remember,” Andy met oldest Dunphy daughter Haley and although they didn’t completely hit it off initially, it was obvious the two had palpable chemistry. That episode marks the beginning of Andy and Haley’s endearing “will they or won’t they?” storyline that would continue all the way into Season 7 when the pair finally became an official couple.

Very early on Andy was effortlessly incorporated into the Dunphy-Pritchett mix, becoming an integral part of the show. The character resonates with audiences and has become a fan favorite. It helps that DeVine is a very resourceful actor with impeccable comedic timing.
The introduction of Andy has been a blessing for Sarah Hyland who plays Haley. For the last couple of seasons her arc with DeVine has given her more screen time and the chance to stretch her acting wings. Viewers have seen Haley grow as a character, mostly due to Andy’s positive influence on her life. She is no longer the whiny teenager texting on her phone and rolling her eyes. She’s now an adult embarking on a legitimate adult relationship.

The Haley and Andy relationship is something the audience hasn’t seen before on Modern Family. Because it’s a family comedy, the writers previously weren’t able to chart relationships – from first meeting and beyond – like they could if they wrote for a workplace comedy, for instance. With the introduction of the Haley and Andy relationship, the writers are now doing just that. If Andy is promoted to a series regular, the writers can explore more storylines about being a young couple in today’s modern world. These storylines, which haven’t been available to the writers in seasons past, could contrast the storylines involving the older, three main couples.
Upgrading Andy to a series regular could revitalize Season 8. Integrating Andy further into the Dunphy-Pritchett clan could open the door to many new possibilities for comedy, storylines, and relationship dynamics. For example, Haley could move out of her parents’ house and into Andy’s apartment, making that a new recurring set for the show. How cute would it be to see Haley and Andy holding up a picture frame together during the opening theme song?! Most of the audience agrees that whenever Phil and Andy team up, it’s comic gold; more storylines involving that dynamic would come as a welcome delight. Maybe after being Phil’s real estate assistant, Andy becomes Phil’s business partner, but not before he becomes Phil’s number one competitor after unintentionally outselling Phil and unknowingly making Phil jealous by being asked to host the SCARB (Southern California Annual Realtors Banquet) instead of Phil.
Many fans have compared Andy and Haley to a young Phil and Claire so it might be interesting to see that comparison touched on a bit more onscreen. Maybe Phil and Claire start to see their younger selves in Haley and Andy. That realization could potentially be quite funny. Also, what about Andy’s relationship with Cam and Mitchell? Unlike with other members of the family, Andy really hasn’t spent much time with those two. It would be interesting to see what kind of dynamic Andy would have with them. Maybe Andy and Haley could go on a double date with Cam and Mitchell. After hitting it off with Andy due to their shared interests, Cam and Mitch could constantly try to hang out with Andy, which starts to frustrate Haley because Cam and Mitch are infringing on her alone time with Andy.
When it comes to dorky-but-loveable Andy, the possibilities for comedy are endless. With Modern Family already renewed for Season 8, it might be a good time to reinvigorate this previously award-winning show – and the best way to do that is by expanding this modern family with the addition of Andy to the series regular cast.