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How I Met NPH!
Robarney in the rain

I arrived in NYC with my older sister Saturday afternoon. We knew NPH was going to be promoting the Tony Awards on various talk shows so we planned on hanging out around where these shows are filmed in order to meet him.

On Monday, my sister and I went over to the studio where "Letterman" is filmed. We missed NPH's arrival by a few minutes. He had signed some things for fans outside, so I was disappointed but settled in to await his departure. Unfortunately, after nearly an hour of waiting, it began to rain and then pour. I caught a glimpse of Neil leaving the theater and ducking into his car. He was too quick for me to even get a photo. He was wearing a red plaid shirt and sunglasses.

So, of course I was bummed, but made plans with my sister to try and meet him outside "Live with Kelly and Michael" this morning. We showed up by the stage door around 8 AM. We waited there with a handful of other fans for well over an hour. As 10 AM approached, the crowd grew and a handful of professional autograph seekers showed up. A security guard came out to tell us that NPH wouldn't be coming out. A few fans left. A short time passed and Rose Byrne (the second guest) left the studio and most of the remaining fans, led by the professional autograph hounds, chased her car to the corner to get autographs and photos. My sister and I stayed put with another NPH lover and talked to the security guard. He told us that he had personally escorted Neil to Katie Couric's studio (located in the same building as Kelly and Michael's show).

So, my sister and I made the journey around the building to the stage door outside Katie Couric. There we waited with only a few fans that had overheard the news about Katie Couric. Unfortunately, the autograph hounds showed up too. We waited there until 11:30-ish when NPH appeared. He very graciously signed autographs and posed for photos (even indulging the very pushy autograph hounds who only want to sell his autograph and most of whom don't even know who he is). After signing for a few of the autograph hounds, I was the first real fan he came across.


I asked him if he could sign and personalize the HIMYM photo I'd printed on a black & white printer in the business center of the hotel where I'm staying. (I hadn't thought ahead and packed something for him to sign in the off chance I'd be successful...not that I had room in my luggage anyway.) He was happy to do so. I then told him he is my favorite actor and he's on my favorite show. He gave me a sincere "thank you."


He also personalized an autograph to my sister Stephanie. He asked her: "Stephanie with a 'ph'?" She replied, "Exactly," and then went on to tell him that meeting him has totally made our trip to NYC. He said, "Awwww." Then she asked if she could snap a photo of him and he agreed.


He was super nice and terrific to everyone.


(NPH posing with a fan who I met while waiting in line.)

(NPH posing with a random fan.)

(NPH posing with a fan who I met while waiting in line.)

After Neil left, the security guard told us that David Hyde Pierce would be exiting the building soon as well. I had to stick around for that! My sister and I are fans (love Niles Crane!) and we have tickets to see his play "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" on Thursday. He was just as wonderful as Neil and totally willing to personalize the autographs to us.

(If you can't make out his handwriting he wrote: "To Rachel / Best Wishes / David Hyde Pierce".)

I told him we were seeing his play on Thursday and he said, "Wonderful. You'll really enjoy it." Then I told him we really loved him as Niles. He thanked us for that and then went on to sign for the autograph hounds.


On another note, on the day of my arrival, I was surprised to see a huge HIMYM display taking up an entire storefront around the corner from my hotel (promoting that it airs on MyTV). My sister took these photos Monday night after our "Letterman" disappointment and a performance of "Chicago" starring one of my favorite Broadway stars (other than NPH) Adam Pascal. Please forgive the poorly-placed reflections; despite her best efforts, my sister couldn't find an angle that didn't produce the glare.

P1090077 (2)
(I noticed Robin's dress is photoshopped blue and that they made her look almost taller than Barney. I don't get why they couldn't use a picture of B/R together taken from the same photoshoot (like they did for M/L), such as one of the pictures on the Season 6 DVD episode menus when they're literally walking arm-in-arm. That would have been cuter and looked less weird!)

P1090080 (2)
(I haven't played this game yet.)

(Every time I've passed by this so far, I've seen many tourists stop and get their pictures taken with Barney.)

And, finally, don't forget to watch NPH host the Tony Awards on Sunday!

(A day shot of Radio City Music Hall announcing NPH as the host of the Tony Awards.)

(And, a night shot.)

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How fun! :D NPH and DHP! That's so cool!

Yeah, it was a pretty unbelievable experience for me. :)

Very cool, there are a lot of those posters for the show around the city. Every time I'm in the city I see an ad for the show I keep telling myself that I guess the more I see those ads the more I know I am obsessed with this show lol.

Lovely pictures, NPH is always nice I want to meet him one day too hopefully I will get as lucky as you did.

I hope you get to meet him someday too. He is a really nice and friendly guy. :)

That's awesome! I'm glad you and your sister were able to meet NPH and that he's as cool as he seems. That's sweet that David Hyde Pierce autographed something for you as well. Sounds like a great trip!

It's been really fun so far. I'm hoping to get standby tickets to see NPH on "Jimmy Fallon" on Friday. I'll have to stand in line for a few hours so hopefully I'll luck out and be one of the few that get a seat at the show. I'm also planning to (hopefully) get tickets to see Saturday's Shakespeare in the Park (Central Park) production of "Comedy of Errors" starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family). Then Sunday I travel home and get back to my normal (mostly boring) life.

Wow, very cool! I'm so excited for you that you ended up getting to meet him. (I would love to meet him but at the same time I'm afraid if I ever did I would completely embarrass myself and be reduced to giggling school girl status!)

That HIMYM display is awesome too. I would love seeing that. They always do tend to use that photoshopped stuff with a lot of the promotions but I'm just glad they put Barney and Robin off together just like Marshall and Lily rather than have her next to Ted or something. I love the games too. Does an actual photo of you and Barney print out or do you have to take a picture of the screen yourself? Either way, that is super cool.

I hate photos of myself, so I actually haven't tried it out. I think you may be able to email it to yourself after you tap the interactive screen.

Like you, I was happy to see that Barney & Robin were paired together and she wasn't paired with Ted. I was also happy to see Ted in the center since he is the main character and the only one in the gang not paired up.

That's so cool! unfortunatly I live all the way overseas in the Netherlands, but I've been to NYC a few years ago and I loved it (: I didn't know there were that many ads for himym, I really like the interactive stuff it looks really cool (:
So nice of Neil to sign and take the pictures. I hope you have a blast in NYC! (:

Thanks, I'm having a great time so far. I've gone to 5 shows so far and I have 2 more in the coming days. Then I'm planning to (hopefully) get tickets to see Saturday's Shakespeare in the Park (Central Park) production of "Comedy of Errors" starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family). Also, I'm hoping to get standby tickets to see NPH on "Jimmy Fallon" on Friday. I'll have to stand in line for a few hours so hopefully I'll luck out and be one of the few that get a seat at the show.

Wow! How awesome for you! I love that they have giant promos and game things, too (it's nice that one of my shows iis actually successful).

Yeah, it's awesome that HIMYM is successful enough to get giant promos throughout NYC; however, it's not as successful as I think it should be. It never gets Emmy nominations for Best Comedy (besides Season 4) or for the actors (except NPH in Seasons 2-5). It doesn't get as many viewers as the other CBS comedies and it didn't make the recent Writers Guild of America's "101 Best Written TV Series" list. I guess I always feel slightly disappointed because the show and the actors never seem to get the recognition it and they deserve.

Oh, of course you're right about all of that. HIMYM's not as critically recognized as it (still) should be. It feels like the world - and CBS - doesn't know whether to place us as a normal CBS comedy or as something less broad, and that can be very alienating as a fan/viewer.

But at the same time, like: nine seasons! That's crazy. That's more than the six seasons and a movie that Community probably won't get. Idk. TV is such a crazy industry in so many ways, and that we can get that many seasons and some actual advertising makes me happy.

That's true. HIMYM has had a long run compared to a lot of shows so that's definitely an indication of its popularity.

Oh I agree. HIMYM doesn't get the recognition or as many viewers as it deserves. But honestly I think it comes down to the fact that it's too "smart" (for lack of a better word)for most people. They just don't fully understand it. HIMYM is very literary in many ways and viewers aren't used to that from a TV comedy and don't want to have to make any effort to cognitively think about what they're watching.

HIMYM is certainly worlds ahead of other comedies and lightyears ahead of the other CBS comedies. I don't like ANY of them; I've tried. I've watched them all and (besides not being funny or entertaining to me at all) they're all very base and least common denominator. I particularly HATE "Two Broke Girls". I just don't understand how anyone can enjoy that show.

I agree that a lot of people don't get HIMYM b/c it's too "smart" for them. It's sad b/c even some of HIMYM's fans don't understand the show. Most of the Ted/Robin shippers and Womanizer!Barney fans are a part of this group.

Yeah, I hate the other CBS comedies. The only one I watch is TBBT, but most of the time I just watch it to watch it. I don't really enjoy it all that much and I'm not at all invested in the characters and their relationships. I don't think the characters are very likeable.

Wow, NPH and David Hyde Pierce! You lucky duck!

I'm hoping to be as lucky on Friday. I'm planning to stand in line for a few hours in order to get standby tickets to see NPH on "Jimmy Fallon". Only a few tickets are handed out to the first few people in line so I'm hoping my luck hasn't run out yet. :)

Wow, you're so lucky! And I'm impressed that you managed to string a coherent sentence together when face-to-face with NPH. I don't think I'd manage that!!

Thanks for posting!

Oh, I forgot what I wanted to tell him when I came face-to-face with him. I wanted to tell him that Barney and Robin are my favorite TV couple of all-time, but it never came out of my mouth because my brain wasn't operating properly. :( But, at least I managed to get some words out. :)

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