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Reasons Why Robin is Barney's Bride (Part 4)
Robarney in the rain

If you haven't read Parts 1 - 3, you can read them here:
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*Warning*: Contains my own theories and speculations on what may happen on HIMYM. Some of my speculations may be proven wrong in upcoming episodes.

My reasons and speculations cover episodes from S1.01 - S7.19.

Reasons Why Robin is Barney’s Bride (Part 4)

80. Neil Patrick Harris has always been very vocal throughout the years about his liking of the Barney/Robin pairing. While he was filming the S6 finale “Challenge Accepted,” he gave an interview in which he said that “I’m for Team Barney and Robin too. I get no say in the matter, but I think she’s great. Cobie’s hilarious and smells like the ocean” (Source). He knew by this point that Barney was the groom in the wedding flash-forward, but he didn’t know who the bride was going to be yet. In another interview, Neil even admitted to sneaking in moments between Barney and Robin when they aren’t written in the script. He said, “I always throw in little longing glances at [Smulders] because I think she’s great. And I always hope that they use those shots” (Source). In a recent interview with USA Today however, Neil said, “the Barney and Robin chapter happened,” as if to say that their relationship is over (Source). I find it very interesting that he would say that now when he has always supported the B/R relationship in the past. I think he knows who the bride is now and I think it is Robin. Therefore, I think he is currently trying to draw less attention to the Barney/Robin relationship so that people will think it is a lost cause. This way, when Robin is revealed to be the bride in the season finale, people will be surprised by it b/c they didn’t see it coming or had lost hope for Barney and Robin ending up together. By the time Neil gave that USA Today interview, Cobie Smulders had already given an interview where she said she knows who the bride is (Source). I think Neil had to know who the bride was at the time he did the USA Today interview if Cobie knew by that point. Cobie’s interview took place after the November sweeps episode “Rebound Girl.” This leads me to believe that Robin has to be the bride, otherwise why was Cobie informed of the bride’s identity so far in advance? In a recent interview, Becki Newton (who plays Quinn) said she doesn’t know if Quinn is the bride or not b/c they haven’t shot the season finale yet (Source). I don’t understand why the creators wouldn’t tell Becki that her character is the bride if that’s the case; Cobie and Neil already know the identity after all. If Quinn is the bride, wouldn’t Becki already be informed of this? Then again, Becki might already know who the bride really is. She just doesn’t want the media and viewers to know that she knows, that way we’ll all think she could be a real contender for the bride.

81. In an interview, Craig Thomas talked about what’s coming up in the second half of S7. He said Robin would be career-focused and Barney would be dating Quinn. He went on to say about Barney and Robin: So we’re going to watch them go into different directions for a little while, but those two actors and those two characters have this huge, crazy chemistry that I can’t say we’re done exploring. They inform each others’ lives in enormous ways. We’ll see more of that…before the series is done, we’ll have to address that more” (Source). I think Craig accidently gave away that Robin is the bride through his use of the phrase “for a little while.” This means that Barney and Robin will be going in different directions for awhile, but, eventually, their paths will converge again. They will get back together once they “fix” the messes that they are right now. If Robin is Barney’s bride, that would explain why they inform each others’ lives in enormous ways and why Craig said we will see more of that before the series is over.

                Craig Thomas’ word choices in interviews have given away plot points before. For example, when asked if Barney was very serious about Nora, he said, He’s pursuing her [in the premiere]. It’s a new Barney. It’s Barney on Step 1 of this new path. But ultimately, Robin has feelings for Barney” (Source). I originally interpreted this as Barney would break up with Nora upon learning Robin had feelings for him (b/c of Craig using the word “ultimately”). In a way, that is what happened. Barney thought he had a shot with Robin after the events of S7’s “Disaster Averted” and “Tick, Tick, Tick,” so he broke up with Nora to be with Robin. Therefore, I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibility that Craig would unintentionally give away a plot point through his choice of words.

82. I know some fans have speculated that Robin can’t be Barney’s bride b/c she ends up with Crush Guy (played by Michael Trucco). In S6’s “Hopeless,” Future Ted revealed that Crush Guy would be making a comeback; however, this hasn’t happened yet. Craig Thomas said in an interview that “We thought [Robin's love interest this season] would be Michael Trucco, but he got booked on something else that shoots in Vancouver.” Carter Bays added, “I think we can say the character of Kevin was created in his absence…We will find a way to use him. We’re not going to leave any loose threads.” Thomas then added, “We’ll get to that, but it’ll have to be in a different way than we wanted just due to — sometimes logistics just come in” (Source). If the writers planned Crush Guy to be what Kevin ended up being, then Robin and Crush Guy would have broken up eventually. He was never going to be the great love of Robin’s life. I think Robin can still be Barney’s bride even if Crush Guy doesn’t reappear this season. He can come back next season, and he doesn’t necessarily have to be a love interest for Robin. He might be a last temptation for Robin before she gets married to Barney, but, in the end, she loves Barney so she would never do anything to jeopardize their relationship. There are so many things the writers could do that don’t conclude with Robin ending up with Crush Guy. Crush Guy could work with Robin; Barney could be insanely jealous of him b/c Ted told Barney about Robin’s past crush. Robin could still be Barney’s bride, which I think the writers intended to be the case when they created Crush Guy in S6 to be a love interest for Robin in S7. It just seems weird to me that the writers were already planning/setting the stage for Barney’s and Robin’s love interests for S7 in S6 if Robin isn’t Barney’s bride. The writers already seemed to be setting up obstacles for a Barney/Robin S7 reunion in S6.

83. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Robin is Barney’s bride, but I think the following possibly points to Quinn not being Barney’s bride. In the opening for S7’s “Karma,” Future Ted says that the beginning of 2012 started out being a crazy year; Barney met a girl named Quinn.... I think the way the writers worded that Barney met Quinn is weird if he ends up with her. To me, it doesn’t sound like Ted’s kids know who Quinn is. If Ted’s kids knew Quinn, Ted should have stated that “Barney met Quinn,” not “Barney met a girl named Quinn.” This might not be a clue or anything, but I just think the word choice the writers decided to use here is strange if Quinn ends up with Barney (which I really doubt will end up being the case). I don’t feel it’s too outlandish to think the writers might have done this intentionally b/c they did this before in the S7 premiere “The Best Man” when Future Ted refreshes his kids’ memories about Nora by saying “Remember Nora?” I’m sure a lot of the audience thought this was just a refresher for them b/c of the summer hiatus (a kind of “previously on…” statement), but really it was a refresher for Ted’s kids, reminding them about her b/c they don’t know her. I don’t think what Future Ted said about Quinn is an absolute guarantee that his kids don’t know her, but I just think it sounds funny to have Future Ted word it that way if they do.

                Another thing about Future Ted’s line about Barney meeting Quinn in 2012 is the fact that even though Quinn might have seen Barney before at the strip club, they hadn’t technically/officially met each other yet. I think it is important to point out that in S6’s “Hopeless,” when Barney’s dad talks about how you have to meet the right person before you settle down, he says to Barney, “Who knows, maybe you’ll meet her tomorrow?” and Barney replies, “Maybe I met her already.” I think the writers deliberately had Barney say that line b/c it will prove true in the end. I think Barney already met his bride by the spring of 2011 when that line was spoken. This would rule Quinn out as his bride b/c he didn’t meet her until February 2012. This line could still refer to any woman Barney met prior to saying that line, but I really think it is supposed to be a clue that Robin is his bride. I know there is a possibility that the bride could be someone we haven’t met before, but I think this is highly unlikely. There have been too many bride hints sprinkled throughout the past two seasons that point to the bride being Robin, and I think the way Barney/Robin have been handled after November sweeps is a good indication that something else is going on under the surface. The writers haven’t yet let Barney and Robin have a conversation about all that went down between them and they seem to be ignoring each other now. There has to be a reason for this. Also, if the bride ends up being some random woman, it won’t have the same significance to Ted’s story as it would if the bride is Robin.     

84. Craig Thomas said this about the Robin/Barney/Quinn storyline: He's [Barney’s] trying to deal with this huge information he's got between him and Robin and how he moves forward from it. He needs to lock horns with somebody [Quinn] to get his mind off what's happening” (Source). Craig is pretty much saying that Quinn is a distraction for Barney b/c he doesn’t want to think about how Robin broke his heart back in November by choosing Kevin. I think we saw a hint of this being the case in S7’s “No Pressure” when Ted confronted Barney about Robin, and Barney told him everything about what happened between him and Robin and how she broke his heart. Then in the next episode (“Karma”) Barney is trying to move on by distracting himself with Quinn. He is trying to force himself to believe there is something there between them in order to not think about the person he would rather be with – Robin. Barney will come to realize that no matter how hard he tries to fight it, “no one and nothing else can compare” to Robin (from “Tick, Tick, Tick”). In a recent interview, Becki Newton said this about Barney: "I think we won't know if he's truly over Robin. Maybe we'll never know. I think he's trying to be over Robin” (Source). I think Becki knew that Barney is not over Robin when she gave this interview, but she was acting as if she didn’t in order to increase bride suspense. What Becki said about Barney trying to get over Robin makes me think that Barney’s relationship with Quinn is just a distraction for him b/c he is trying to move on from Robin, but in the end he will be unsuccessful. The audience will be made aware that Barney was never able to truly get over Robin when she’s revealed as the bride during the season finale wedding flash-forward. Barney will never have to get over Robin b/c he ends up with her.   

85. I found it interesting that in S7’s “The Burning Beekeeper,” Barney and Robin, in separate scenes, both told Lily that she doesn’t need to throw out the Gouda when it fell on the floor b/c of the ten second rule. I think the writers are trying to show how Barney and Robin think alike and how they both react similar in similar situations. There are a lot of examples of this throughout the whole series, but I really believe this one was deliberately put in this episode. Barney and Robin haven’t had much screen time together after November sweeps; the only one-on-one scene they had together happened to be in this episode. I think the writers are deliberately trying to make us think about Barney and Robin – even when they are not in a scene together – by having them each say similar things when the other character is not around. This might not be the strongest reason/clue why Robin is Barney’s bride, but I think it is important to point out at least.

86. In S5’s “Home Wreckers,” Future Ted says this about his mother’s decision to marry Clint and his own decision to buy his Westchester house: “Sometimes our best decisions are the ones that don’t make any sense at all.” I was reminded of this quote when Robin said to an oblivious Barney who is on the phone with Nora in S7’s “The Best Man,” “I know we didn't work out the first time, and I know it doesn't make any sense. But I can't shake this feeling that we belong together.” I wonder if this was a deliberate callback to what Ted said in “Home Wreckers” b/c even though Robin doesn’t think getting back together with Barney makes sense, if they did get back together, it would be one of the best decisions she ever made (especially if she thinks they belong together). If Robin ends up being Barney’s bride, I think the parallels between those two quotes could very well have been intentional on the writers’ part.

87. At the end of S7’s “Tick, Tick, Tick,” Barney is waiting at the bar for Robin to show up at MacLaren’s at midnight. That scene makes me think of Barney as a groom waiting nervously for his bride to walk down the aisle. All his friends are there waiting beside him too; Marshall (a groomsman), Ted (the best man), and Lily (the maid of honor). Then Robin walks into the bar, the expression on Barney’s face when he sees her is one of pure love; he looks truly happy for that one second before Kevin comes walking in behind Robin. I think that scene was staged that way for a reason. That night is the worst of Barney’s life; he got his heart broken that night. If Robin is his bride, the happiest day of Barney’s life would play out very similar, but instead of Robin shaking her head “no,” she will say “I do” to marrying Barney. This relates to the timing theme too b/c it didn’t work out for them that night (they didn’t get back together), but it will someday and it will play out very similar to this scene, except with a different result. I truly believe the scene was staged this way intentionally as a hint that Robin is Barney’s bride.

88. At the end of S1’s “Purple Giraffe,” Robin is hanging out with the gang for the first time in their usual booth. She teases Barney a bit about him not having a date tonight and Barney says, “I’m not sure I like her.” Then Robin helps Ted get more drinks at the bar and she tells Ted, “You are a catch. You're gonna make some girl very happy. And I am going to help you find her.” I find it interesting that in this episode Barney says he doesn’t like Robin during their first real interaction with each other. It is really funny looking back on that scene b/c we know now that Barney considers Robin his soulmate and best friend (S7’s “Tick, Tick, Tick”). Also, I’ve always felt like Robin saying she is going to help Ted find his soulmate was foreshadowing. I don’t know if it was intended to be at the time, but I’ve always thought Robin would have something to do with how Ted meets the Mother. At the end of the “The Pilot,” Future Ted sums up by saying, “But that’s the funny thing about destiny, it happens whether you plan it or not. I mean, I never thought I’d see that girl again. But as it turns out, I was just too close to the puzzle to see the picture that was forming. Because that kids, is the true story of how I met your Aunt Robin.” Ted’s son says annoyed, “Aunt Robin?” and Ted’s daughter says outraged, “I thought this was how you met Mom.” Future Ted answers with, “Will you relax? I’m getting to it. Like I said, it’s a long story.” This makes me think that Ted meeting Robin was important b/c it eventually led to him meeting the Mother. When the writers decided that Ted meets the Mother at a wedding, I would have assumed that it would tie up the series better if the wedding was Robin’s, but they decided to reveal that it was Barney’s. Now, because we know it is Barney’s wedding, I think it would make the most sense for it to be Robin’s as well. It would explain why Ted started his story on the day he and Barney met Robin, and why it was so important to show Robin becoming a member of their little group in the following episode. Future Ted’s meeting the Mother story could be justified as being “a long story” if it really is about how Barney and Robin became the people they needed to become in order to get married to each other, and also about how Ted became who he needed to become in order to meet the Mother (which is what Future Ted said the story was about in the beginning of the S3 premiere episode “Wait For It”). Now I know the things I pointed out were not intentional when the show started, but I think if Robin is Barney’s bride, it has retroactive significance. However, I do think the writers went back and watched the entire series to see how they could connect a lot of the stories Future Ted has told his kids to the Ted-meeting-the-Mother conclusion. I think once they watched the whole series again, they came up with Ted meeting the Mother at Barney’s and presumably Robin’s wedding. There are a lot of moments throughout the entire series that will have retroactive significance if Robin ends up being Barney’s bride. I can’t fathom why the writers would ever have Barney end up with anyone other than Robin if they can make the entire series look planned out from the start if they make Robin Barney’s bride. It just wouldn’t make sense for the bride to be anyone but Robin.

89. I believe the writers purposefully want things in the S7 episode "The Best Man" to be open to interpretation so everyone doesn't come to the conclusion Robin is the bride right away. They want viewers to second guess things. I think that is what the director was doing when having Alyson (Lily) act slightly confused in the scene when she tells Ted the bride wants to see him. People may interpret it as Lily being confused as to why the bride would want to see Ted, but others, including me, interpret it as Lily being unsure as to why Robin wants to see Ted at that moment. Ted probably already went to see Robin not that long before. Lily might be wondering why Robin wants to see Ted again after already talking with him.

90. Craig Thomas said this in an interview about Barney’s wedding day: “It’s not a wedding day that will go completely smoothly, but it will end with Barney being married. It's not a fake-out. It's not going to be something where he runs away from it. Barney Stinson will get married that day and we will show to whom and exactly how it goes down." (Source). Some fans jump to the conclusion that there must be a bride switch or something b/c the wedding day doesn’t go completely smoothly, but I don’t think that will end up being the case. I think Barney will marry the person he set out to marry in the first place (who I think will be Robin). Maybe the wedding doesn't go particularly smoothly (besides just the fact it rains on the wedding day) because Ted has to constantly go back and forth between the bride and groom all day. In S6's "Big Days," when Lily comes outside to tell Ted he is being summoned, Ted says "What now?" like he has been being summoned all day long. Even though the wedding day doesn't go smoothly, the writers have said that Barney does go through with it in the end. I think the most that will happen is some silly wedding day mayhem like what happened during Marshall and Lily's wedding. Plus, the wedding day will happen in one of the last episodes or the very last episode of the series because Ted meets the Mother on that day; therefore, I don't think the wedding will be that dramatic or a complete disaster. I think the last episode will concern itself with Ted meeting the Mother. To have Barney's wedding be full of disaster would distract too much from the real story -- the one the whole series has been leading to: Ted meeting the Mother. The things not running smoothly that day are probably going to be played for laughs once the show gets to the wedding day.

91. Carter Bays said this in an interview at the end of S6 about Barney’s future wedding day: “It'll be the end of somebody's love story and the beginning of Ted's” (Source). I think it will be the end of Barney and Robin’s love story and the beginning of Ted and the Mother’s love story. Maybe Future Ted has been telling Barney and Robin’s love story this whole time to his kids b/c it is at their wedding where he meets their mother. It would explain why Future Ted started his story with how he (and Barney) met Robin if she ends up being Barney’s bride. Carter considering Barney’s wedding the end of Barney’s love story with Robin (if she is the bride) makes sense b/c that is exactly what Future Ted said about what he thought his wedding day to Stella would be: “The perfect ending to a perfect love story” (S4’s “Happily Ever After”). Carter’s wording is very similar to what Future Ted said in that episode, so it makes me think that the creators consider the happily ever after (what they refer to as the end of someone’s love story) to be the day he or she gets married. Carter doesn’t mean Barney and Robin won’t go through with their wedding like many fans interpret him as saying in that interview. Craig Thomas even went so far as to clarify Carter’s statement in a later interview. Craig said Barney does get married that day (Source).

Part 5 (Reasons 92 - 113)

Thanks for taking the time to read my reasons and speculations. I appreciate it!

Theories supporting Robin as Barney’s future bride

1. vivekheron came up with an interesting theory that argues that Barney's wedding flowers being purple is a clue that Robin is his bride. He points out that in S2's "Slap Bet" Ted pictures his wedding to Robin where purple and white flowers are the wedding flowers (Robin wedding picture) & (Ted wedding picture). Ted dated Robin for a year so he would probably know her favorite flower and therefore he would imagine her favorite flower as being one of their wedding flowers. Roses are also imagined by Ted as one of their wedding flowers (Wedding picture with roses). Then in S5's "Double Date" Ted pictures his wedding to the girl he went out with twice where roses are shown to be the wedding flowers (Wedding picture). Ted is a romantic so he probably likes roses b/c they are associated with romance. Ted didn't know this girl well enough to know what her favorite flower was so he just pictured his own favorite flower as the wedding flowers. We know from S6's "Challenge Accepted" that Ted spends a lot of time picking out the perfect orchid for Zoey since that is her favorite flower. I think it is safe to say Ted takes flowers very seriously. He would want to make sure he had his potential bride's favorite flower at their wedding. We also know that Barney's wedding will have purple and white flowers (Barney’s wedding flowers) and that lilacs (which are purple) will be a featured flower. (The S6 DVD extra "what we know about your mother" mentions lilacs are the Mother's favorite flower and that Ted gave her a lilac the moment they met, aka at Barney’s wedding.) If purple and white flowers are Robin's favorite flowers then this might be a clue that she is Barney's bride since his wedding will feature purple and white flowers.

2. gemsquashes pointed this out to me, which I thought was worth mentioning: “In [S6’s] ‘False Positive’ Barney gives up many of his old suits to the church. We know he gets married in that same church. Straight after he gives them up, we cut to a shot of Robin getting her photo taken, and then follows her talking to Ted about his being her best man one day. I just felt that juxtaposition was kinda symbolic, since Robin is THE Suit ([S4’s] ‘The Leap’), so it's a bit like Barney giving up 'lesser suits' (cough*bimbos) on one of the few occasions he goes into a church.” I thought this was a very interesting interpretation of those last few scenes in “False Positive.” I think if Sam’s church is the same church from S6’s “Big Days,” then I can also see Sam being the one to perform the wedding ceremony for Barney. I really do think Robin asking Ted to be her best man was foreshadowing, but it is interesting that maybe even Barney giving away his suits (bimbos) could be seen as a bride clue since Robin is THE SUIT Barney referred to in “The Leap.” I think Robin is Barney’s “right fit” aka THE SUIT/the “right tie.”

3. gemsquashes also informed me of this theory that compares Alfred Mosby/Virginia/Clint to Ted/Robin/Barney. In S2’s “Brunch,” Ted and Robin are compared to Ted’s dad (Alfred) and Ted’s mom (Virginia). Virginia didn’t want to have kids, but Alfred did. They didn’t have much in common; Alfred was a “much more head in the clouds romantic” and Virginia “was much more down to earth.” She didn’t even want to go out with him at first, but he spent months badgering her until she finally gave in. In the long-run, Ted and Robin can’t make it work between them (S2’s “Something Blue” and S7’s “No Pressure”), just like how Ted’s parents couldn’t make it work between them either. In S2’s “How Lily Stole Christmas,” we find out that Virginia is dating a friend of Alfred’s named Clint.  In S5’s “Home Wreckers,” Clint and Virginia get married and Clint seems a bit like Barney when he talks about Virginia being “very erotic.”
gemsquashes went on to point out that in S5’s “Home Wreckers,” “Future-Ted mentions the possibility that he could meet his future wife at his mom's wedding (Bays and Thomas said they had the goalpost of Barney getting married by the start of Season 6 (Source) so the events of 5.20 could be foreshadowing of the wedding at which Ted actually does meet the Mother. Assuming they already had Barney getting married in mind by 5.20, it would be an interesting parallel.” And if Robin is Barney’s bride, then it could make the wedding parallel hold up even more if Robin is to be compared to Ted’s mom, Virginia, and Barney is to be compared to Clint. 
Also in “Home Wreckers,” Future Ted states how it didn’t make any sense for his mother to want to be with a guy like Clint, but yet being with Clint was the best decision Virginia ever made. He goes on to say, “Sometimes our best decisions are the ones that don't make any sense at all." This quote comes to my mind when Robin says to an oblivious Barney in S7’s “The Best Man,” (which I already talked about in reason #84, but in order to draw a parallel between Barney/Robin and Clint/Virginia, I will restate it): “I know we didn’t work out the first time, and I know it doesn’t make any sense. But I can’t shake this feeling that we belong together.” If Robin is Barney’s bride, maybe being with Barney will be the best decision Robin will ever make, even if to her it doesn’t make any sense (just like Virginia’s decision to be with Clint).

4. ilovebarbin pointed out that during S7’s “The Broath” Robin was wearing a blue dress (the color of the wedding dress in Roman times) when Barney told the story of Caesar and the broath to the gang.  manda600 elaborated on this theory by explaining that “In Biblical and Roman times the color of purity was blue, not white. White as the color for a wedding dress didn't really take on popularity until the 1840's because of Queen Victoria (although by that time the tradition was silver, not blue, but it still wasn't white). So I believe they're suggesting that a blue dress, like Robin's, in Roman times would have been considered like a wedding dress, and in an episode where Barney's telling stories of ancient Rome it's meant to be a clue. I don't know if it's intentional but I certainly do like the idea.” Yes, Robin’s dress being blue in that particular scene with Barney telling the broath story set in Roman times might not have been intentional, but who knows, maybe it was. Maybe the costume designer has knowledge about the history of wedding dresses worn in Roman times so she purposely made Robin wear a blue dress in that scene. I wouldn’t put it past a show like this that seems to put a lot of significance/hidden meaning in certain objects. When I first watched the episode, Robin’s blue dress did grab my attention b/c I am constantly looking for bride clues; it made me think about how a bride needs something blue for her wedding. Maybe Robin’s blue dress is supposed to be taken as a subtle bride clue? But only viewers who look deeper at the show and analyze it would be able to pick up on the clue.

Thanks again for reading my reasons, and also for reading these theories that some other HIMYM fans came up with. I appreciate it.

Part 5 (Reasons 92 - 113)

regarding past interviews:

regarding past interviews which gives me hope for BR:

"I won't say we have everything in between, but we have the premiere down and [Episodes] 7, 8, 9, 10, which have some nuclear-powered stuff that's directly connected to what happens in the finale. ":Craig Thomas
this gives me hope that BR will will get their meaningful conversation or better will get together in the end

Craig Thomas :"This future wedding is a pretty huge day for everyone in the group,"
how could this be pretty huge day for everyone if robin barney in carter bays own words r so in love.

“The way we’ve been talking about it, there is this central triangle between Ted, Barney, and Robin that’s always been there…and it will start rising to the surface.” But, he warns, “it will end up not being a triangle so much as some other geometrical shape. A square or a pentagon. Or it could be a pentagram — a love pentagram between Ted and Robin and Barney and their dark lord Satan.”
was he kidding or just giving us some hints about Quinn

Thomas: Part of it was the story we told in Season 6. Barney reconnected with his father —finding out who his father is and hinting that there is more to Barney than a guy who puts on suits and hits on women to sleep with them. Our hope was that it would play as a surprise and I think it did. We haven't shown yet how he gets from Point A to Point B. That's Season 7 — how he gets to that church, puts on that tuxedo and ends up moments away from marrying somebody. We love the storytelling challenge of showing how this character is so notoriously and proudly single, who has always hated the notion of marriage, getting there.
does this mean he's gonna propose robin in the finale .

Re: regarding past interviews:

The first two quotes you posted give me hope as well that B/R are endgame. I used both of those interviews in my reasonings in Parts 1 & 2. I think the third quote is just giving us some hints that there would be other bride candidates besides Robin and Nora(which turned out to be Quinn), and that Robin would be dating Kevin, and later the show would address Ted's unresolved feelings for Robin. As for the fourth quote, I don't know if that means Barney is going to propose to Robin in the finale or not, but I do think Robin will be revealed as the bride in the wedding flashforward. Maybe Barney will propose to Quinn in the finale, but Robin will be revealed as Barney's future bride? The writers would probably think this would make the wedding flashforward more shocking to the audience when Robin is revealed instead of Quinn. But, I'm just speculating here and I could be proven completely wrong once the finale airs.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

I really love these reasons! True story ;-)

Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on this. It means a lot.

I just read all 91 reasons and they really gave me hope that Robin will be the bride. So thank you for that. :) But the biggest reason for me (you might have mentioned it and I just overlooked it, I was reading really fast. And if so could you point me to the number?) happened in episode 7.01 'The best man'. Future Ted starts the episode telling his kids about timing and that it is everything but then he tells them something that convinced me immediately that Robin was the bride. He tells them that without the wedding he wouldn't have met their mother AND that it would be 'the last wedding i'd ever thought i'd be at.'

Why would he say that if it was only Barney's wedding and not also Robin's? Ted is losing hope this season of ever finding the one, so I understand why he thinks that he will never get his own wedding. But what about Robin's? I know they've had a fallout but even if they never go back to being best friends I don't think that Ted would ignore her wedding especially cause he promised to be her best man.

Now to be honest he could have also said it because sometime between now and the wedding Robin decides again that she doesn't want to get married, ever. But then why show her development in willing to commit this season?

So anyway that's why i think that sentence has been the biggest clue of all that Robin is Barney's bride. Let me know what you think. :)

Edited at 2012-04-02 05:40 pm (UTC)

Re: Another reason?

It seems like you interpret Ted's statement different than I do. I take Ted's "the last wedding" comment as not meaning it's the final wedding he believes he'll ever attend, but as meaning that he never would have imagined Barney (and Robin) of all people would have a wedding some day given how anti-marriage he (and Robin) are. I think he could have just as easily said, "Barney getting married is a mindblowingly crazy idea that I would never have thought possible if I weren't witnessing it with my own eyes."

Using your interpretation, I would say Ted's statement is an absolute clue that Robin is Barney's bride.

I appreciate your comment!!

These are so great. One thing I find interesting is the word choice of the show. For example,in "Tick, Tick, Tick", Future Ted says, "To this day, your uncle Barney and Aunt Robin swear that this is the song they heard." If B and R dont end up together, why would Future Ted say that line like that as if B and R are husband and wife? So, the word choice of the show is really interesting.

Thank you. I find hope too in Future Ted saying "To this day..." in that episode and also in S6's "Subway Wars." I think I brought Ted's interesting word choice up as a reason in either Part 1 or 2.

First thanks and congrats for this awesome work.

As a said before all this proves that as the writers said before, this will be Robins Season, not just because all the personal problems that she will solve, not only because she finally closed ted's door and put him back on the road to the mother, not only because SHE IS INDEED THE BRIDE, but also because she is the only woman in the world who can bring Barney to the Altar and because of that( the weeding)ted will finaly meet the mother the holy grail of the show.( in this point, my holy grail of the show is to see how 2 persons like barney and robin married and live a really awesome love story).

And i think that the weeding of robin and barney at this moment its already a clue that the writers are giving about the Mother. Perhaps as i read before Barney's half sister, i don't know yet, but i think its probably another thing.

Sorry for my english


Regards from Portugal.

Just a note, it really starts to anoyed me go to others sites and see all the ideas and fans against ROBIN/BARNEY, they are people that still thinks at this point that Robin will be ted´s wife, and worst for me thay are fans saying that quinn is the bride.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my list. I greatly appreciate it. I also like the theory that Barney's half-sister, Carly could end up being the Mother, and Ted will meet her at Barney and Robin's wedding. I get annoyed with the B/R haters too, but most of them are delusional in what they think is going to happen on the show (like Robin being the Mother). I just try to ignore the haters though b/c I really do think they are just a vocal minority.

I love that you added to your already amazing list of reasons! This is great because when I'm thinking about why it is that I think Robin is the bride, it's nice to have a list of all of those reasons, complete with references, so that I know I'm not just making stuff up because I really want her to be the bride. Also, sometimes I know the writers said a certain thing, but I can't remember where I read it, but this helps a ton.

So thank you again!

Thanks for all the kind words about my list. I'm glad that it can be of help to you. And thanks for taking the time to read through all of it. It means a lot.

Here is a importent clue too me. When was the last time we saw Barney trashing a electronic device? In season 4, the episode called Benefit when Ted and Robin where just friends with benefits. And in season 7, episode 16, No pressure, when Ted ask for his “permission” to date Robin – Barney crushes the VCR. And too me that reaction doesn´t fit with the silly and funny arguing if they are going to watch the sextape or not, it is a huge reaction from Barney when he has heard about Ted´s idea about him and Robin. So, Barney sad he doesn´t care, but his reaction says otherwise.

I was reminded of S4's "Benefits" too when I watched "No Pressure." I thought that Barney's reaction of breaking Ted's VCR was an intentional callback to Barney breaking those TVs in "Benefits." I think you could be right that Barney's reaction might have more to do with him being upset over Ted's desire to date Robin again than just about him being frustrated with Marshall and Lily's back-and-forth arguing over their sex tape. I think it is a combination of the two. Barney was already upset about what Ted told him so his frustration over that combined with Marshall and Lily's back-and-forth arguing pushed him to his snapping point (breaking Ted's VCR). I agree with you that Barney's reaction shows he does care whether or not Ted dates Robin again even though he told Ted he wouldn't mind it. I think this scene could be interpreted as a clue that Barney is not over Robin (which of course he isn't). Thanks for posting this comment. It will help remind me later to maybe add this as a reason to my list. Thanks for reading and commenting!

There was another thing that I've observed during 'No Pressure' and it's an allusion to what Robin said to Ted in S7's "The Best Man" that if you have chemistry, you only need timing. Barney and Robin were both single at that specific episode. They could have gotten back together at that time but they didn't because she was in Japan.

Oops, I think you meant Russia, not Japan. But you're right that Robin leaving for Russia might have been another timing issue for B/R. I don't think Barney would have tried to get back together with Robin if she didn't go to Russia though b/c like Barney told Ted, he doesn't think Robin feels the same way about him as he feels for her. If B/R would have gotten back together in that time frame I think Robin would have had to be the one to make the first move b/c I think Barney has given up hope on ever being with Robin again(even though he hasn't stopped loving her). I think Barney is just using Quinn now as a distraction from his heartbreak over Robin. Thanks for posting this. I love reading other HIMYM fans' insights/interpretations of things happening on the show that I might have not thought of before. Thanks again for your insight.

actually i agree with u .. they are trying to convince us that's barney and robin are over .. but in broath if you notice when barney said he and quinn is gonna move in together and then says to the gang you have anything to say about that .. the camera was on lily , marshell and ted to show their reaction but not robin .. why !! b/c they didn't wanna us to see how she reacts at this moment so i guess she wasn't happy about it .. hence she sill have feeling for barney

Re: Barney and robin

Great catch about the scene in "The Broath." I think you're right that Robin was deliberately not in that shot b/c the show doesn't want us to see her reactions to all this B/Q stuff yet. They want to keep Robin's feelings about Barney underwraps for now until probably the finale when we will finally see something more concrete on her end that she does love Barney still. Thanks for reading and posting!

So first off great posts! I have another reference. In the episode "Unfinished" Ted makes a lecture at the end. He talks about how people force themselves not to want 'it'. He says most of the time it's too difficult or scary. Until you finish it, it will always be unfinished. The producers could be referencing Robin and Barney's relationship and how it isn't finished. He talks about how the architecture who built something got hit by a bus, like Barney did.

Awesome catch with the episode "Unfinished." I don't know if it was an intentional reference to Barney and Robin at the time by the writers, but it would be awesome if they were refering to them. I think you're right that Barney and Robin's relationship is unfinished. There is a lot of issues left unresolved between them. They still haven't had a proper conversation about all that went down between them in November. If they do end up back together then at the point "Unfinished" aired Barney and Robin's love story was not over yet. Right now, Barney and Robin are just trying to force themselves not to want each other. Robin is too scared to take a chance on Barney b/c she is afraid they will fail again at a relationship, and Barney is forcing himself to move on from Robin b/c he is convinced she doesn't feel the same way about him as he feels for her. Thanks for posting this. I really like your insight about this episode. I never connected that episode to the B/R relationship before so thanks again for pointing this out to me.

These reasons are INCREDIBLE! I have always rooted for BRo since Zip, Zip, Zip episode in the first season! I think it's also a hint that Robin is the bride, since she got the bouquet at Stuart and Claudia's wedding from Victoria. I don't know if it's relavant, but just wanted to point that out :) Hopefully you'll get those 9 reasons ready before the reveal of the bride!

+ I also recommented your blog on my youtube page, so hopefully you'll get more readers!

Thanks for reading and commenting. "Zip, Zip, Zip" was when I started shipping BRo too. I never thought about how Robin getting the bouquet at that earlier wedding could be a bride clue. Even if it wasn't an intentional clue at the time, I think it definitely could be a retroactive clue by the writers after they rewatched that episode and noticed that themselves. Thanks for sharing this with me, and thanks for recommending my list on your youtube page. I appreciate it.

First off, I'm so glad I accidentally came across your posts. You went into such great detail for each reason. I love it! :) I was a fan of Barney and Robin too from that first episode season. I was thinking, something about them makes so much sense! I really, really hope Robin's the bride and that it works out that way. I enjoyed reading all your reasons! I especially love that you mentioned the yellow raincoat of Robin's. The writers love to put in those little clues throughout the series, and it's neat to see that others have caught onto those things as well. :) I wonder too, is there some sort of significant thing or things that occur at every wedding that's shown on this show? Because I sometimes wonder about the flash forward of James' wedding, if maybe something significant might've appeared there? I might go back and re-watch that episode. I loved the ending of that episode with Barney and the baby- it shows that he does have a heart, and that could be foreshadowing a different life for him in the future- one that includes commitment. Anyway, thanks again for posting this! I hope you get 9 more reasons done before the finale! I'll be sure to check back. :)

Thank you so much for reading my list. I'm not sure if all the weddings on HIMYM have significance to them or not. Maybe if I rewatch them I'll find something of significance that I didn't notice before. I know James' wedding hinted at the fact that Ted and Robin were broken-up. Also when Barney is talking to his baby nephew he points out Robin to him while Robin is dancing with Ted. I always thought that was super cute. Thanks again for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

Hi, I read our other reasons, and it's legen..wait for it...dary *----*
And, I want to give a other reason maybe,, on the last episode(Broath), Robin and Ted are fighting to get the Quinn's apartment, but in the end this episode she give up and give to Ted. For me, she do that because she doesn't want to be on the apartament Barney's girlfriend. Make any sense?? :b
I hope you can write the other 9 reasons, kisses

Re: One more reason

Thanks so much for reading my list. What you are saying does make sense. I think you could be right that Robin doesn't want to live in the same apartment Quinn once lived in.

Just watched the first episode in season 7, and I realize now how much Robins hearth actually was broken when she helped Barney with his phonecall with Nora. Cobies acting is magnificent, holding back her tear and when Barney looks at her, she makes a twisted grin, wow. Back to my thoughts, in season two, when Marshall is devastated when Lily left him, the older Ted tells us something like this: the only thing that can bring us back after we have had our hearth broken, is time. So, hopefully, timing is everything. But right now, when I have watched the episode 20, it looks like Barney is really into Quinn. Will there be the right time? Sorry to be so discouraging.

Thanks for reading my list. I think Barney and Robin will finally get their timing right. I think Barney is only with Quinn now b/c he thinks Robin will never feel the same about him as he does for her. He thinks he has to move on from Robin. He also wants to settle down now so Quinn seems like a pretty good Robin substitute to him. In episode 20 "Trilogy Time," the guys end up being wrong each time about what they think their lives will be like 3 years later. Barney tells Quinn that he wants to be with her for a long time at the end of this episode so he thinks he will be with Quinn 3 years from now. However, I think Barney will be proven wrong b/c he will be married to Robin instead. His life in 2015 will be different than what he imagined it to be in 2012 (just like the other guys' predictions were proven wrong each time in this episode). I don't think it would be very shocking to the audience right now to reveal the bride as Quinn at the end of the season b/c Barney is currently dating her. The writers are just trying to fool the audience right now into thinking Quinn is the bride, but in reality I think she is just a bride red-herring. Thanks again!

did anyone notice in triology time episode when future ted was talking about the time they watched star wars in 2015 .. barney was trying to hide his hand .. i don't think he was wearing a ring .. why would he try to hide his hand ?!! .. i don't know what does it mean but it definately was weird

Yeah, I noticed that too. I think the writers want to make the audience wonder whether or not Barney will go through with his wedding b/c some fans believe he won't go through with it in the end. Not all fans of the show read every article the writers give so they are unaware that Craig Thomas has stated that Barney does go through with his wedding. He does get married that day. Hopefully if Robin is the bride, Barney and Robin will still be together in 2015. If they are divorced or something I think that would be a pretty lame move on the writers' parts b/c of all the build-up there has been for the past two seasons (and next season) leading to Barney's wedding.