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Reasons Why Robin is Barney's Bride (Part 2)
Robarney in the rain

If you haven't read Part 1 (reasons 1 - 39), click here.

*Warning*: Reason 46 contains a slight spoiler, so skip it if you don’t want to be spoiled. I wrote ***contains a slight spoiler*** when 46 comes up, and ***end of slight spoiler*** at its conclusion. Also, don’t click on the source links if you don’t want to be spoiled.

My reasons and speculations cover episodes from S1.01 - S7.12.

UPDATE (1/3/2012): I added some things to numbers 40 and 55. I also added a 63rd reason and modified number 46 to hide only the spoiler bit rather than much of my argument.

Reasons Why Robin is Barney’s Bride (Part 2)

40. The writers said Ted will be dealing with women whom he sees as “loose ends” or “what if” girls whom he has to move on from before he meets the Mother. So far, he has run into Victoria and the Slutty Pumpkin. Victoria is engaged now and the Slutty Pumpkin and Ted had no chemistry together, so now he can finally let them go as potential “the Ones.” Robin is still a “loose end” for Ted. This is because he may be subconsciously holding on to the hope that they will end up together. In S5’s “Twin Beds,” Ted reads a letter his past self wrote trying to convince his future self not to get back together with Robin. The letter said, “Dear Ted, Robin is the perfect girl for you, but she doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship. You need someone who wants to settle down. So until Robin is ready for that next step, she’s not your girl.” He probably thought that if Robin changed her mind about marriage and kids, he would be her first choice, like Robin said in S4’s “Shelter Island.” They also have a marriage pact established in S4’s “The Front Porch.” Ted needs to let Robin go as his back-up wife in order for him to truly move on from her. I think she has to be Barney’s bride so she is completely off the table for Ted as a potential option for his “The One.” (Source)   

41. I think Ted’s story in S8 would make the most sense if Robin is Barney’s bride b/c the B/R relationship will allow for a lot of angst for Ted. He will be losing his back-up wife. Add to this the reason Ted and Robin broke up was b/c she didn’t want a life-long commitment. She didn’t want to get married or have kids, but now she wants to commit with Barney. I think this would make Ted a bit bitter b/c he was the one who wanted to settle down all those years ago. If his two commitment phobic friends (Barney and Robin) are getting married to each other, he’ll be the only single one in the group: something painful for him to accept.

42. I think when the writers started thinking about an ending to the show they looked at what they’d already done throughout the series and how that could connect to Ted meeting the Mother. I think they came to the realization that they spent a lot of time on the B/R relationship throughout the series. Even though they didn’t intend for B/R to end up together in the beginning, I think they started thinking about why Ted would tell his kids all about that relationship if it wasn’t connected to him meeting the Mother. Also, why have Ted so upset about Barney hooking up with Robin the first time in S3’s “The Goat” if it doesn’t have anything to do with the Mother story? Even though they didn’t initially plan on this being important to the Mother story later, I think it makes sense now to see Ted this upset over that incident. Why? Because, in the end, Ted will be glad the B/R hookup happened if he meets the Mother at Barney and Robin’s wedding. Also, why spend more than a season showing Barney pining for Robin? And why revisit the feelings between Barney and Robin again if it ultimately goes nowhere? I don’t think it is b/c the writers want Barney to move on from Robin now that they decided they want him to get married. I just don’t see him marrying anyone but Robin. It just wouldn’t make sense after all that has happened throughout the years to have Barney marry someone other than Robin.  

43. Craig Thomas said Barney will get married that day; he doesn’t run away from it (Source). He also said the wedding will be a big day for the entire group (Source). I think both these statements point to Robin being Barney’s bride. I can’t see Barney going through with the wedding if the bride isn’t Robin. Since we know he does go through with it, I think Robin has to be the bride, especially if the writers never intended Barney to get married when they started the show. As for the wedding being a big day for the entire group, I think it will be if Barney is the groom, Robin is the bride, Ted is both Barney’s and Robin’s best man, Lily is Robin’s maid of honor, Marshall is a groomsmen or co-best man for Barney, and Ted meets the mother at their wedding that day. Lily also seems to be a mediator or middle-man for both the groom and the bride in informing Ted when one of them wants to see him (S6’s “Big Days” and S7’s “The Best Man”). Ted seems exhausted like he has been running back and forth all day between the two of them. In S6’s “Big Days,” Marshall tells Ted he needs to relax when Ted shows his nerves through peeling his beer bottle. Ted tells Marshall that he wants the day to be perfect and Marshall reassures Ted that it will be. I think Ted seems too stressed out for someone only worried about getting Barney down the aisle. I think he feels the extra pressure of getting Robin down the aisle as well, since he’s her best man too. Robin warned Ted in S6’s “False Positive” that she will freak out on her wedding day and she could really use someone like Ted to get her down that aisle. 

44. In S6’s “Challenge Accepted,” right before Barney is revealed to be the groom, Ted says, “I heard the groom needed me.” I think that line was phrased very carefully. I think Ted states it that way b/c he could have been summoned to either the groom or the bride since he is best man to both. After saying, “Best man, you’re being summoned” to Ted in S6’s “Big Days,” Lily must have told Ted inside the church that it was specifically the groom who needed to see him.

45. In S7’s “The Best Man,” when Lily tells Ted that the bride wants to see him, Barney doesn’t react at all like this is out of the ordinary; he is unfazed. He just keeps fixing his tie in the dressing room’s mirror. I think his reaction points to Robin being the bride b/c Barney knows that Ted is one of Robin’s closest friends, so of course she might want to see him on her wedding day. If Ted is also Robin’s best man, it would make sense for her to want to see him, especially if she is having wedding day jitters just like Barney. If the bride isn’t Robin, Barney would probably be somewhat curious as to why she’d want to see Ted. I don’t think Barney is nervous about choosing between two women on his wedding day. Instead, I think he is wondering if he would have been happier with his old playboy life vs. his new committed relationship life. I think when the actual wedding day arrives on the show this scenario will be shown to be true b/c I can’t see Barney having any doubts about his love for Robin, especially since he realized Robin is truly the right woman for him as witnessed in the S7 episode “Tick Tick Tick.”

46. Craig Thomas and Carter Bays said Marshall and Lily’s baby would be a catalyst for the other characters in their thinking about where they see themselves in the future, if they will have kids, and who will that be with (Source). S7’s “Symphony of Illumination” revealed that Robin is unable to have kids and never became a mother, but, when she pictured her future, it was with Barney. ***Contains a slight spoiler*** (highlight to read) The writers said they have the last two minutes of the finale already written (part of which will take place in the present when M/L’s baby is born and part of which will take place at the future wedding). The future wedding bit must be when the bride is finally revealed (Source). ***End of slight spoiler*** I think Barney and Robin will decide to get back together b/c the birth of M/L’s baby gets Robin to finally open up to Barney about not being able to have kids, and Barney will tell her that that doesn’t matter to him. I think he would choose Robin over having kids any day and this will trigger them to get back together…cue flash forward bride reveal of Robin; B/R finally got their timing right.

47. Barney says “New is always better” is his oldest rule which makes it the best. I think this rule doesn’t mean that Barney’s new girlfriends are better than the relationship he had with Robin, but, instead, it might be referring to the fact that if he got back together with Robin, his new relationship with her would be better than their old one. Their new relationship would be a healthier one since they would now know how to better communicate with one another and avoid those awful fights they used to have when they were a couple. In the past, Barney has always let his rules and codes go out the window in regard to Robin; she is his one exception. He broke the Bro Code (S3’s “The Goat”) and his Gremlins rules (S5’s “Definitions”) for her. He ate breakfast with her in his apartment (S5’s “Bagpipes”). He told her she wasn’t just another number to him unlike all his conquests (S5’s “Of Course”). He doesn’t care that Robin is over 30 years old. The list goes on. If Barney meant this “New is always better” rule as a rule to not run back to the past, I can see him breaking this rule for Robin. He also never wanted to get married (S2’s “Single Stamina”), but he changed his mind about that. I can see him changing his mind on his “New is always better” rule, marrying Robin, and enjoying a new committed relationship with Robin that is better than his old one with her. [Side note: Barney doesn’t really hold to the “New is always better” rule anyway. It’s his oldest rule, which he claims makes it his best. If Barney really buys into the “New is always better” rule, he wouldn’t think it’s his best rule since it’s his oldest.]

48. The writers said that S7 is going to be a very Robin-centric season (Source). So far it has been a very heavy Barney-and-Robin-centric season, especially during November Sweeps. This makes me think that Robin needs to get her life in order (so she isn’t the self-proclaimed mess we have been seeing this season) before she gets back together with Barney at season’s end and before she’s revealed as the bride in the season finale’s flash forward. In the commentary for S6’s “Big Days,” Craig Thomas and Carter Bays said S6 was a very emotional season for Lily and Marshall. They also said the couple was the main focus of S6, with them wanting to conceive a child and with Marshall’s dad dying. I think this season is supposed to be a very emotional, heavy season for Barney and Robin b/c the feelings, the denial, the jealousy, the cheating, the rejection, the secrecy, and Robin’s infertility. In the end, S7 will be a happy ending for them, just like the S6 season finale “Challenge Accepted” was a happy ending for Marshall and Lily, with M/L learning they’re having a baby. I think S7 will conclude with B/R getting back together and with Robin being revealed as the bride. With S6 belonging to M/L and S7 belonging to B/R, I think Season 8 (most likely the last season) will be a very emotional, heavy season for Ted b/c he is still single after all these years and b/c all his friends seem to be settling down in life and he still hasn’t gotten it all figured out…cue the happy ending and Ted meeting the Mother at Barney and Robin’s wedding in the series finale.

49. There are a lot of fans who think that b/c Robin seems like the obvious choice for Barney’s bride, there has to be some kind of twist where we find out that she is not and is just a red herring. I don’t think the writers would do something like that after all the clues they have presented on the show for the past season and a half; it would make them and Narrator Ted bad storytellers. Not everyone who watches the show analyzes each episode as much as some of the fans do, so I think a lot of viewers have overlooked these hints. To me, last year Barney seemed like the most obvious choice for the groom, but still a lot of fans believed that the wedding had to be Punchy’s since he asked Ted to be his best man in S6’s “Glitter.” I knew the groom was Barney even in that same episode b/c Barney was wearing a boutonnière on his suit in the beginning of the episode before Punchy showed up. Also, Ted, Marshall, and Lily all seem to be in the wedding party in the flash forward in S6’s “Big Days;” Barney was missing from this flash forward. If the wedding had been Punchy’s, why would Marshall and Lily be in the wedding party? They don’t know Punchy all that well. In the beginning of that same episode, Barney talks to Ted about how the season of sundresses is over (this is after we see a sign in the flash forward that says, “To Everything there is a Season”). I thought Barney saying the word “season” soon after we saw this flash forward “To Everything there is a Season” sign was a clue the groom was Barney. Barney also seemed to be considering marriage after meeting his father and seeing that he had turned his life around, settled down, and had a family. That seemed like an awful big clue that Barney was the groom. Knowing how the writers approached the groom reveal and all the hints littered throughout the show on the way to this reveal, I think Robin is Barney’s bride. She might be the obvious choice, but I have to believe all these hints are leading somewhere, otherwise why waste the time showing all these hints? Also, considering the writers have never come out and said they presented a clue about who the bride is in these episodes, I think they want to keep what they are doing a secret. This way, fans of the show can go back and re-watch S6 and S7 after Robin is revealed as the bride and realize how many hints pointing to Robin being the bride they may have missed along the way. The writers want to keep this whole bride mystery going until May, so they aren’t about to draw attention to their bride clues.

50. In S7’s “Symphony of Illumination,” Narrator Ted says that Robin went on to become a famous journalist, a businesswoman, and a world traveler, but she never became a mother. Narrator Ted goes on to say Robin also was never alone. I think this can be interpreted as Robin being married to Barney in the future. They just won’t have any children. Barney is rich, loves adventure, speaks multiple foreign languages, and is an international businessman. I think it is in character for him to travel the world with Robin in the future. Robin becomes a businesswoman in the future, which I think may be because of Barney. We know that he loves to have his friends work with him, so of course he would want his wife to go into business with him. It has also never been confirmed that Barney goes on to have children. It’s a possibility that he never does. In addition, Robin never becoming pregnant means that she will never become a manatee; she’ll remain a beautiful mermaid in Barney’s eyes forever (S6’s “The Mermaid Theory”). I think the reveal that Robin can’t have kids is meant to throw viewers off the trail of Robin being the bride. That way in May when she is finally revealed to be Barney’s bride, it will be a surprise to a lot of viewers who thought her inability to have kids would be a deal breaker for Barney. It will also be a surprise to some viewers b/c Narrator Ted only mentioned career-related accomplishments when talking about Robin in the future; he didn’t mention if her never being alone means that she got married or if it means she is just a single career woman who has the support of her friends.

51. In S7’s “Rebound Girl,” Barney tells Ted that he has been thinking about “the whole wife and kids’ thing, minus the wife.” I think it is telling that Barney starts thinking about this after he just got rejected by Robin in the previous episode (an episode in which he saw Robin as his “the One”). Narrator Ted even tries to justify Barney’s actions and adoption talk as Barney’s reaction to going through a tough time and he says that to adopt a baby with Barney would be freaking nuts. I think this shows that Robin is Barney’s first choice; if Barney had to pick between being with Robin and being a father, he’d pick Robin b/c she is his “real thing.” I think Barney was just using the idea of having babies as a rebound/substitute for what he really wants out of life: to be with Robin.

52. In S7’s “Tick Tick Tick,” Barney pictures Robin when Nora’s father says that “When you meet the right person you know it…no one and nothing else can compare.” I think the “no one” who can’t compare to Robin refers to Barney’s other love interests (Nora and any other bride candidates) and the “nothing else” that can’t compare to Robin refers to the idea of having kids or being a single playboy. I think Barney would choose Robin over any desire he might have to be a father; he would much rather be childless and with Robin (the right person / the real thing) than have children with the wrong person.

53. In S7’s “Symphony of Illumination,” Barney sees what it might be like to be a father. He isn’t too impressed with his friend’s life as a father; and, he seems glad to learn he’s not going to be a dad, even busting out some dance moves in happiness over the news. Later in the episode he says to Robin, "Isn't it weird now that we're not having one, babies are cute again?" This shows that while Barney might like the vague idea of having kids, he really doesn’t dig the real duties that come along with having them. He’s a great, loving uncle (I’m sure James would agree). He doesn’t need to have kids of his own to experience the fun of being around kids; he can be an awesome uncle free of all the responsibility, something he’d probably be fine with. I don’t believe Barney has a real burning desire to be a dad, nor do I believe he’d choose being a father over being with Robin.

54. What would be the point of Narrator Ted sharing the story of Robin and Don with his kids (and us) if Robin isn’t Barney’s bride or if she remains unattached? The story of Robin and Don is a story of how Robin takes a chance and for once picks love over her career. We see Robin grow as a person in this choice. Failing to give her a committed relationship would render this entire storyline pointless, something the writers wouldn’t want to do. While Robin isn’t a romantic whose been dreaming of her future wedding day all her life, she isn’t totally anti-marriage. In S2’s “Atlantic City,” when Marshall and Lily were getting married on the boat, Ted said to Robin, “I can’t believe you never want to get married,” and she replied, “I never said never.”  I think this proves that she is not completely against the idea of getting married someday. Also, by asking Ted to be her future best man in S6’s “False Positive,” and even agreeing to the 40-year deal in S4’s “The Front Porch,” I think Robin is shown to be someone who isn’t opposed to being married someday; she’s becoming increasingly open to the idea. Her inability to have kids wouldn’t keep her from getting married one day. In addition, what purpose would the writers have for Robin asking Ted to be her best man if that request never becomes significant? And, as for that Robin and Ted marriage pact, it has a part to play in Ted confronting his “what if” girls and ruling them out conclusively so he can finally move on and find the woman really meant to be Mrs. Mosby. Robin marrying Barney would be a heck of a good way to finally get Ted to rule her out.

55. In S5’s “The Rough Patch,” Lily tells Ted and Marshall that Barney and Robin are just going through what all relationships go through – a rough patch, but they just need to let it run its course. Later on in the episode Robin tells Barney that “Maybe this isn’t a break-up.  Maybe it is two friends getting back together.” Then, as they are leaving the diner, Narrator Ted states, “They really did just need to let things run its course.” So technically this “break up” is just a rough patch in the course of their much longer relationship stretching all the way to 2030 when Ted is telling the story; letting things run their course ultimately leads to an end of the rough patch, bringing B/R back together, to their wedding day and beyond. Also, Ted’s narration is left vague. If Barney and Robin don’t end up together in the end, why not just have future Ted state this once and for all rather than leaving their future relationship open-ended? I also think Barney and Robin were simply not ready at the time to be in a serious relationship. In “Bagpipes,” the episode right before “The Rough Patch,” Lily tells Barney and Robin that “The honeymoon period may be over, but now you can get into the real stuff. And, honestly, that's the best part.” I think getting into the “real stuff” freaked Barney and Robin out; they thought it was just easier to keep having sex without trying to get to the bottom of their issues through healthy communication. Many of their fights had to do with silly things like Barney’s storm trooper and Barney’s ruined tie. In order for their relationship to work once they get back together, I think all Barney and Robin need to do is communicate better when an issue arises instead of just avoiding it or getting into a fight; they need to learn how to compromise sometimes. This way they can finally get into the “real stuff” instead of running away from it out of fear of trying for something “real” or serious (as in a lifetime commitment). manda600 brought up a good point: “In Bagpipes, Lily said Barney and Robin's problem was that they needed to compromise and put the other one ahead of their own desires and interests. At the time they laughed, but we've seen Barney do this many times now for Robin ([S6’s] “Subway Wars” [and, as admiral_sab added, S5’s “Of Course”]) and Robin do this for Barney ([S7’s] “The Best Man” and [S7’s] “The Stinson Missile Crisis”). They've now learned what it is to love one another selflessly and to sacrifice to make the other happy.”  

56. In the opening scene of S7’s “Field Trip,” Robin discusses her fear of abandonment with Kevin (in one of her court-mandated therapy sessions). I find it interesting that the writers have given Robin a fear of abandonment when they already write Barney as having the same fear, as seen in multiple episodes throughout the series, such as S5’s “Robots vs. Wrestlers.” I think the writers gave Barney and Robin the same fear of abandonment not only to show how similar these characters are, but also to show that they both need to get over this fear. Getting over this fear would allow them both to really commit to someone while in a relationship without feeling that the other person is going to abandon them. This is probably why they don’t ever get too close to anyone while in relationships as well as why they seem to avoid relationships; they are scared of being hurt. I think if Barney and Robin get married, it will help to ease their fear of abandonment b/c they will now have someone with them in good times and in bad for the rest of their lives. They will never be alone again.

57. Also in the opening scene of S7’s “Field Trip,” Robin tells Kevin she is “constantly looking for reasons not to be happy.” Kevin replies that maybe “the thought of finally being happy terrifies you.” I think this is part of the reason why Robin chose Kevin over Barney in S7’s “Tick Tick Tick.” She knows that being with Barney would make her happier than being with Kevin, but b/c finally obtaining happiness terrifies her, she picks Kevin. I think if Robin can obtain some happiness in life, such as through her career, she may see that being happy isn’t a bad thing. She may stop trying to come up with reasons to not be happy. She will instead try to gain happiness in other parts of her life as well, such as in her love life. I think this is when she will try to get back together with Barney. Being with Barney – the person she is in love with – will finally make her truly happy. She will no longer be scared to try again with Barney. Getting over this issue will also help Robin not feel like such a mess. I think the writers are focusing on Robin’s issues this season as well as the fact that she feels like such a mess b/c they need to resolve these issues if they want Robin to be Barney’s bride. She needs to fix herself first before she is ready to be in such a serious relationship with someone else.

58. I found it interesting in an interview with Carter Bays that when he describes Barney’s character development throughout the series, it all has to do with his relationship with Robin. It is like the writers measure Barney’s character development by his relationship with Robin. This makes me think that Robin is Barney’s bride, especially b/c in the same interview Bays states he never intended for Barney to mature as a character and get married. (Source)

59. Matt Kuhn is a HIMYM writer and also writes for Barney’s blog. After the S7 episode “Symphony of Illumination,” he wrote a blog entry for Barney entitled “Shafted.” In it Barney writes to the International Olympic Canadian Department of Olympics in regard to Robin’s disqualification to participate in the sport of competitive pole vaulting. In the conclusion, Barney says this: “The point is you’d be lucky to have Robin join your Olympic pole vaulting outfit. She’s smart, funny, beautiful, loves cigars, pretends to enjoy laser tag enough… What more could you ever want in a girl? She would bring so much joy to your life. You’d suddenly feel a compulsion to be the best person you could be. Imagine waking up every morning to that smile? And that little half-laugh, half-snort she does when you say something stupid? What I’m trying to say is that Robin is a fantastic pole vaulter.” I think it is interesting that this is written by a writer on the actual show b/c the way he portrays Barney’s feelings for Robin here makes me think that the writers know this pairing is endgame. Matt Kuhn, as a writer for the show, has knowledge of where the show is going that we, the audience, don’t know yet. I think Kuhn knows Barney is marrying Robin. If what Kuhn wrote represents how the rest of the writers imagine Barney’s feelings for Robin, then I don’t think they would let Barney marry anyone else. It just wouldn’t be believable or at all satisfying for Barney to marry some random woman who would just be a Robin substitute, especially if this blog entry expresses how Barney feels about Robin. I know Barney’s blog entry was written during a time on the show where we, as the audience, know Barney wants to be with Robin. However, the way in which this blog is phrased makes it hard for me to believe that anyone who comes into the picture now as a bride candidate could ever compare to Robin in Barney’s eyes. Barney’s bride has to be Robin. (Source)  

60. Craig Thomas said this in an interview about the S7 episode “Tick Tick Tick”: “We debated a lot in the writers' room [about whether Robin should dump Kevin for Barney]. But ultimately, if Robin had jumped to Barney in that episode, for her, it would've been a relationship built on a crime. It was such a mistake [sleeping with Barney] and she felt so terrible about it.” This quote makes it seem like it’s not a question of whether the writers are going to put Robin and Barney together, but a question of when they’re going to put them together. The writers don’t want Barney and Robin’s new relationship to be built on a crime. If Robin isn’t Barney’s bride, why would it matter if B/R got together right now, even if it is built on a crime? The relationship would have to fail for some reason to make room for Barney’s bride. I think the writers don’t want to start their new relationship this way because they’re the bride and groom. The writers want Barney and Robin to get together based on good circumstances, not on something they both feel awful about, and that might plague their relationship for years. (Source)

61. Craig Thomas said in an interview about the Barney and Robin cab scene in the S6 finale “Challenge Accepted”: “It’s actually one of the best scenes, I think, of season 6. One of my favorites, anyway.” He goes on to say, “But it was really fun shooting the cab scene in the finale cause you’re just reminded that you care so much about the two of them. If you’ve been watching the show all these years, you love the chemistry between the two of them and you care so much. Watching it get shot, I felt like a fan of the show. I felt like, ‘Oh man, I want to see more of that. I want to see more of that chemistry.’ It’s all of a 45-second scene in the back of a cab. Those two are good together. Definitely moved everyone watching it on stage as we shot it.” Craig Thomas has always been quite a big supporter of the Barney and Robin relationship throughout the years. He is one of the creators of the show, so if that cab scene between Barney and Robin is one of his favorite scenes of S6 and watching it get shot made him feel like a fan of the show, then I don’t think he will feel very satisfied with Barney marrying someone other than Robin. If Craig wants to see more of their chemistry together, then I think it only makes sense to put them back together by the end of S7. That way in S8 they can be an actual couple again prior to deciding to move in together and get married, especially if S8 is the show’s last season. Craig also says that if you’re a fan that watched the show all these years, you love the chemistry between those two characters. I think in the end, the writers would want to reward longtime fans who stuck by the show all these years. This reward would come in the form of revealing Robin as Barney’s bride. If the bride is anyone other than Robin, the writers would be rewarding fans who might like Barney with some other bride candidate (an actress who may appear in only a handful of episodes); I can’t see this happening. Also, I always have to think, why would the writers have Barney and Robin admit they loved one another in that S6 cab scene if it wasn’t going to lead somewhere in the end? (Source

62. Why would the writers even revisit the B/R relationship if they don’t end up together? They could have just left it with them breaking up in S5’s “The Rough Patch.” I mean, they’re already exes, why complicate their friendship more, especially if they’re supposed to remain friends in the future? Now, they’ve cheated with one another, had a pregnancy scare, and are keeping these two things secret from the gang and Robin’s boyfriend, Kevin. If they don’t end up together, why have them go through all of that together? Robin could have found out she was infertile without cheating with Barney, and Barney could have broken up with Nora without cheating with Robin. Instead of focusing all of this time and energy on the B/R relationship, the writers could have been focusing on writing the relationship between Barney and his future bride (if she’s not Robin). But, they went the B/R route, which leads me to believe that the B/R relationship is going somewhere significant, namely to the wedding chapel.

63. The writers don’t seem very invested in writing Barney’s and Robin’s other love interests. Nora was barely on screen in most of the episodes she was in. She didn’t have much of a fleshed out personality. The only personality characteristics I can think of to describe her are nice, motherly, and a romantic. Kevin at least gets to hang out with the group once in a while; Nora never really got to do this. However, as much as Kevin tries to be a part of the group, he never seems totally included, like in S7’s “History vs. Mystery” where he painted M/L’s baby room alone and wasn’t included in the group hug when the sex of the baby was revealed at the end. Even Kal Penn (Kevin) has stated as such: “I would imagine at some point it will not be all smooth sailing for me and Robin. Barney and Robin have long had a chemistry and have a whole backstory and history that probably won’t be able to be ignored forever. [Kevin] likes having a gang, but in the long-run, I think it will probably be unsuccessful for most people to really break into the core group of five (Source).” I don’t think Kevin will ever be truly included into the group and neither will any of Barney’s or Robin’s other love interests. The only person I see becoming a full member of the group’s “little family” is the mother. Therefore, I think Barney and Robin will end up together; that way there aren’t three new members joining the core group, but only one (the mother). There aren’t many episodes left this season in which to really develop a whole new love interest for Barney and to make it believable that she could be the bride, especially after all of the hints about the bride’s identity we’ve been treated to over the past year and a half. I agree with what nomorenoodles said about S7, that “the writers are focusing so much on the main characters. Kevin and Nora just didn't have the time to be fully established when they're working on writing the characters we really care about. And a Robin-centric season right before Barney's bride reveal? It would be crazy for that to be a coincidence.” 

Thanks for reading everybody! I might add some more reasons as the season goes on. I'm hoping to get to at least 100 by the time the bride is revealed.

Part 3 (Reasons 64 - 79).

They could have just left it with them breaking up in S5’s “The Rough Patch.” I mean, they’re already exes, why complicate their friendship more, especially if they’re supposed to remain friends in the future?

I love this!

The only one I don't totally agree with is 42., I think they've had their endgame planned at least from the second season (when the last scene with the kids was filmed), but I agree that it doesn't make any sense if they put Barney or Robin with someone else.

I'm going to recommend these articles to my friends, thanks so much for writing!

Thanks for reading, commenting, and recommending this to your friends! I appreciate it.

OK, you have made my day! :D
Gosh, I love your articles so much! I was beginning to despair to see those two together since the writters seem to constantly punch us in the stomach when it comes to B/R's relationship. But you gave a lot of damn good reasons to make me think that they have to end together. You just make so much sense. Thanks to you, a lot of elements came into light and now I just can't imagine Barney and Robin not ending up together :) I love their relationship so much. I'm a huge fan of the show and after such an analysis, B/R's future can't be any different.
Anyway, thanks again. Your article rocks! ;)

this is perfection.

You bring up so many good points and I am seeing everything on the show in a new light now! Thanks for brightening up my day with this article. I just watched Symphony of Illumination today (I live in Australia, hence the delay) and I was thoroughly depressed from the moment Robin's kids disappeared. The whole episode seemed like confirmation of Barney and Robin but then the rug was pulled out from under us. Your list has made me much happier! Can't wait to see all your predications play out in the show (fingers crossed)!

A lot of B/R fans were beginning to lose hope after seeing "Symphony of Illumination" so I'm glad my article managed to brighten up your day. Thanks for reading and commenting!

These reasons are incredible! Seriously, I LOVE it! I haven't thought of 1/4 of these, which is a ton because I am a crazy BR supporter. BUT...you got something wrong. Future Ted does NOT say Robin doesn't have kids. He says she was never ALONE. Watch it again on cbs.com if you don't believe me.
This is seriously phenomenal. I think I'm in love with you (haha, sorry for the Mosby. I'm kidding.)
This must have taken you forever but I really wanted to thank you by posting this on my blog. I have a fairly large amount of constant viewers so I promise A lot of people will see this.
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"Symphony of Illumination" leaves the question if Robin ever becomes a mother open-ended. However, Carter Bays doesn't. He confirmed multiple times in recent interviews that Robin never becomes a mom (biological or otherwise).

Here are a few examples:
"This was an important moment we wanted to hit for the series arc," Carter tells me. "We've always said that Robin doesn't have kids, but thought it would be interesting to see how a door being closed to her would effect her. Even if she always thought she never wanted kids, it's still tough to hear." (http://www.tvguide.com/News/Kecks-Exclusives-Robins-1040484.aspx)

"Question: I have a burning How I Met Your Mother question from Monday’s episode. When Future Ted says that Robin never becomes a pole-vaulter, was that a confirmation that she never becomes a mom? —Pat
Ausiello: Actually, the confirmation came four years ago, according to exec producer Carter Bays. 'I would point people to the episode from Season 3 [titled] ‘Little Boys,’ he says. “In that episode, Robin’s grappling with the fact that she doesn’t particularly like children. And it ends with [Future Ted] explaining that she did go on to eventually like children in the form of Ted’s kids.' In case there remains any doubt, Bays states for the record that Robin 'doesn’t become a mom.'" (http://www.tvline.com/2011/12/ask-ausiello-spoilers-how-i-met-your-mother-spartacus-revenge-bones/)

I wouldn't have stated Robin never becomes a mom as fact if it wasn't for what Carter Bays has said in interviews.

Thanks again!

I love this article, thanks so much for devoting your time into writing this!

I never believed in the BRo (stole this abbr. from slapbetcommisioners.blogspot.com) r/ship until now, I only thought it would be an on-again/off-again sex-only r/ship...friends with benefits, if you will. But your article has convinced me that they will get married. I think you have thought more about the show than the writers did! And the yellow raincoat? Genius!

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my article. I appreciate it!

oh, and just to add on what I already said, the only contradiction I have to all of this is the events in S7's "Tick, tick, tick." I don't think even Barney could forgive her for betraying him like that.

Robin-Barney shipper right here! A very nice analysis, gives me even more hope that they're actually going to end up together :)

I can think of a really tenuous one but since you've fleshed out all the others really well, maybe it'll be a starting point for a solid #64 (I hope it hasn't been mentioned, I did look and couldn't see it).

In False Positive Barney gives up many of his old suits to the church. We know he gets married in that same church. Straight after he gives them up we cut to a shot of Robin getting her photo taken, and then follows her talking to Ted about his being her best man one day. I just felt that juxtaposition was kinda symbolic, since Robin is THE Suit (The Leap), so it's a bit like Barney giving up 'lesser suits'(cough*bimbos) on one of the few occasions he goes into a church.

Feel free to discard or rework!

ETA: OM word, I never realised it before but Barney crashed the whale on Robin's birthday, July 23rd (Natural History). Sweet!

Whenever I doubt Robin and Barney are endgame, I watch the last minute of Purple Giraffe. I think it's sweet but it's before the writers were even conciously aware of B/R endgame so it's not really relevant to your list.

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I never noticed that before in "False Positive," but I am definitely going to add it to my list. I will give you credit for mentioning it if I ever get around to updating my list and adding more reasons as the season goes on. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! And thanks for reading and commenting!

This has been discussed in B/R, but it might still be pertinent to your list: Virginia and Clint. Ted's dad and mom were likened to Ted and Robin in Brunch. Later, Virginia ended up with Mr. Mosby's friend Clint.

In Home Wreckers, Future-Ted mentions the possibility that he could meet his future wife at his mom's wedding (Bays and Thomas said they had the goalpost of Barney getting married by the start of Season 6(http://www.tvguide.com/News/HIMYM-Season7-Barney-Robin-1037370.aspx..); so the events of 5.20 could be foreshadowing of the wedding at which Ted actually does meet the Mother. Assuming they already had Barney getting married in mind by 5.20, it would be an interesting parallel and may even hellp Ted to get over Robin 100% if he ever thinks of it in this way.

Clint's a bit Barney-like in the sense that Clint talks about Virginia being "erotic". Future-Ted also says that it doesn't make sense that Virginia and Clint would be happy together, but they were. Future-Ted's quote in Home Wreckers: "Sometimes our best decisions are the ones that don't make any sense at at all" reminded me of Robin's comment in Best Man when she was helping Barney talk to Nora: "I know it doesn't make any sense, but I can't shake the feeling that we belong together." Also, she and Lily agree that it wouldn't really make sense.

Interesting Theory!

This is a really interesting theory, but the only thing wrong with it is that Clint is not Mr. Mosby's friend who he set Virginia up with after their separation/divorce. In "Brunch," Mr. Mosby says his friend's name is Frank so clearly Clint is someone Virginia started seeing after she broke it off with Frank.

I still think the parallels between the characters even Barney and Clint hold up though and everything else you mentioned so I think I will add it to my list if I ever get around to working on it again.

Another parallel between Barney and Clint is that they both were "hippies." Twenty-three year old Barney used to be one and Clint still is one.

Thanks for your insight. I appreciate it.

awesome analisys work. im from portugal and im a huge himym fan and a barney/robin enthusiastic fan and really enjoy this journey to discover true love. sorry my english but i want to ask one thing: i read in other sites some topics that made me have some doubts specially because here in portugal season 7 doesnt start yet, and i've just seen some episodes in the net:

For example in the wedding the way lily is dressed doesn't seem like she is the bride made of honor( i think this is how it's written), second when she calls ted saying the bride needs to talk to him she mades a face like she doesn't like something and in a interview i read with the show producers they say barney will get married but things won't be smoothy.

I know that some new bride candidate as appear in the show.

I'd love to read your opinion, and once again thanks for the awesome post a all of you forgive my english. Regards to you all from Portugal

Hi. It's nice to hear from you.

I believe the writers purposefully want things in the S7 episode "The Best Man" to be open to interpretation so everyone doesn't come to the conclusion Robin is the bride right away. They want viewers to second guess things. I think that is what the director was doing when having Alyson (Lily) act slightly confused in that scene. People may interpret it as Lily being confused as to why would the bride want to see Ted, but others, including me, interpret it as Lily being unsure as to why Robin wants to see Ted at that moment. Maybe the wedding doesn't go particularly smoothly (besides just the fact it rains on the wedding day) because Ted has to constantly go back and forth between the bride and groom all day. In S6's "Big Days," when Lily comes outside to tell Ted he is being summoned, Ted says "What now?" like he has been being summoned all day long. Even though the wedding day doesn't go smoothly, the writers have said that Barney does go through with it in the end. I think the most that will happen is some silly wedding day mayhem like what happened during Marshall and Lily's wedding. Plus, the wedding day will happen in one of the last episodes or the very last episode of the series because Ted meets the Mother on that day so I don't think the wedding will be that dramatic or a complete disaster (I think the last episode will concern itself with Ted meeting the Mother. To have Barney's wedding be full of disaster would distract too much from the real story -- the one the whole series has been leading to: Ted meeting the Mother.). The things not running smoothly that day are probably going to be played for laughs once the show gets to the wedding day. Also, I personally think Lily could be wearing a bridemaid's dress in those scenes, but that's just my opinion. Lastly, Becki Newton who plays Barney's new love interest Quinn has been cast in a new pilot for Fox next season so I don't think she will be around next year on HIMYM. Therefore, I think there is a good chance she won't be Barney's bride. Also, I think it would be more surprising for the audience if the bride is revealed to be someone Barney isn't currently dating, which I think will be Robin and not Barney's current girlfriend, Quinn.

Thanks for taking the time to read my list and comment on it. I appreciate it. I'm planning to add more reasons soon.

Thank you for your awnser, it make all sense. I read that robin is fighting for move on quinn house? why in the world would she want to move in barney's girlfriend ex house? To express that she is over her feelings for barney?

Regards from portugal

You're welcome. I haven't seen that episode yet, but it should air here in the US next Monday. I have no idea why Robin would want to move into Quinn's old apartment (other than needing a place to live since she is homeless right now). I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens in the actual episode to find out Robin's reasonings for wanting Quinn's apartment. Hopefully, Robin will at least show some signs of having feelings for Barney again in that upcoming episode, but I doubt it. The show seems to want to keep Robin's feelings for Barney a secret until the finale. That is my guess at least.

You are a genius! I saw the new episode of HIMYM and the end of the episode I lost my credibility that Robin could be the Barney's bride! But I read your 63 reasons and now I am so happy! Thank you so much [:

Re: You saved my life *--*

Thank you so much. I think the show is going to try and make the audience think Quinn is the bride now until the finale. However, I'm confident that when the bride is revealed in the finale it will be Robin. There is no way it can be Quinn b/c it wouldn't be "shocking" for the bride to be revealed as Barney's current girlfriend. Even if Barney proposes to Quinn in the present, the wedding takes place in the future, so I think the bride will be someone other than Quinn -- namely Robin. Quinn is just a bride red herring. Plus, Becki Newton, who plays Quinn, has been cast as one of the leads on the new Fox show called "The Goodwin Games," which begins airing in the fall. I can't see her sticking around long-term on HIMYM. Therefore, I think for practical reasons she can't be Barney's bride either.

(Deleted comment)

Re: my issue with robin as bride.

I think the creators either planned on Robin getting married from the very beginning of the series so Ted could meet the Mother at her wedding (but she would have married someone other than Barney) or the creators didn't initially plan for Ted to meet the Mother at Robin's wedding. I think they could have came up with the idea later on b/c they realized they could make the show come full-circle if Robin is the one getting married the day Ted meets the Mother. They probably decided to make Barney the groom b/c of the chemistry they saw between Barney and Robin. I think the creators didn't know the exact details of how Ted would eventually meet the Mother from the very beginning, but they maybe were always planning it to have something to do with Robin (thus why Future Ted would start his story with meeting Robin).

I love seeing all these new theories you've put in the comments. You should add them to the reasons above!

P.S. I have read this list start to finish so many times I can't even count any more...I love it!

Thank you. I actually have been working on additional reasons. I just haven't posted them yet. I need to go through and edit them first.