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I love this! And your comment about how Ted doesn't know about that second that would never end...Ted doesn't know about most of the Barney/Robin moments, so he'd have to be told by one or both of them. I cannot believe I never really thought about what that means! I mean, of course I'd thought before about how all of the scenes where Ted wasn't present would have to be relayed to him at some point, but I'd never made the connection that Barney and Robin likely wouldn't have told Ted some of this stuff had they not ended up together. <3

This is great. I was telling my son and my nephew that I thought they would end up together and gave a couple of examples why but you really nailed it. Very cool.

this and part 2 are possibly the best things ever on livejournal!

Wow! Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

less likely barney and robin will end up together

I really think that what the writers did with Robin Scherbatsky's character was unnecessary. I mean, what's the point? Sure she doesn't want to have children and the story can end that way with everybody happy, (even if she doesn't end up with Barney... darn) Seriously?!

Why did they have to do it? And during the Christmas season? What a nice Christmas gift that is! (thick sarcasm)

It's a good thing Ted was there to cheer her up (despite him having no idea what Robin's problem was)

Ted and Robin? Seriously? Again? Son of a B****!!!

I've also noticed in season 7's "Tick, Tick, Tick" Everyone except Barney and Robin are wearing purple. I believe in season 6 it was mentioned purple was the colour for Pride. Robin's dress is also the same colour as Barney's suit in the St. Patricks day episode.

I never noticed that Barney and Robin were the only ones not wearing purple in "Tick, Tick, Tick." I will have to keep an eye out for that when I rewatch that episode. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Hey I love these. I am sorry I did not realize I should have given you credit in my post! Wont happen again :)

Thanks. Don't worry about it.

One thing I noticed today while watching Home Wreckers - Ted says sometimes the best decisions don't make any sense. Robin's words in the Best Man were presumably carefully chosen - a call back to this?

Good catch! I actually noticed that callback/clue awhile ago. I was planning on putting it as a reason/clue on my updated list. It's good to know that I wasn't the only one to notice this. Thanks for your insight. I really appreciate it :)

barney and robin : BY natalie

since we know that we will know who the bride is by the end of season 7 i dont think it will be who barney is with but that it will show the wedding again but it will be where ted goes see the bride and we find out who it is there

Re: barney and robin : BY natalie

I agree with you. I think the bride will be revealed in the season finale during the wedding flashforward when Ted goes to see her. It doesn't make sense for the bride to be Barney's current girlfriend, Quinn. That wouldn't be "shocking" at all. This is just one of many reasons why I think the bride will be Robin b/c Robin being revealed as Barney's bride will be more "shocking" to the general audience and especially to some of the viewers who take everything on this show by face value (believing Barney has truly moved on from Robin now).

I really don't like the idea, that Robin is Barney's bride, as Barney is not sure if he had chosen the right tie. I think, Barney should have been more happy, if the bride is Robin. I hope she's somebody else and at the end Barney will marry Robin with total confidence!

Re: Barney&#39;s bride

Barney seemed pretty reassured after Ted's talk with him though so I think it was just pre-wedding day jitters and nothing that should be taken to seriously in the end. Craig Thomas said in an interview that Barney goes through with the marriage so that is why I want the bride to be Robin.

I really like all the things you list up for B&R to end up together. But I think the bride will be Quinn. Because then Lily called Ted she asked Barney: 'Are you sure you going to wear this tie?' and his face shows really clear that he is unsure himself.
Barney would only marry Quinn because he wants her to stop stripping and I think this is not a good reason to get married. I think he is going to understand this and then somehow marry Robin.
Quinn's going to be the bride, but Robin will be Barney's wife.

Thanks for reading my list! During the Barney/Lily scene in "The Best Man" I think Lily and Barney are just discussing ties now without any hidden metaphor/meaning to them. I think Ted did a good job in the previous scene of calming Barney of his wedding day jitters. I think Barney is just concerned about looking his best on his wedding day now in that last scene. I think Barney could possibly propose to Quinn in the finale, but I don't think she is the bride at Barney's future wedding where Ted meets the Mother. I think Robin is going to be revealed as Barney's future bride in the wedding day flash forward during the finale b/c revealing her will be more shocking to the audience right now. Quinn is Barney's current girlfriend so showing her as the bride wouldn't be a shocker to the audience right now, especially b/c she told Barney that she would stop stripping if she ever got married, and we know that Barney has a problem with Quinn stripping. The writers want us to believe the bride is Quinn right now, but I think in the finale Robin will be revealed as the bride instead. Also Barney's wedding is not going to take place this year so it would make more sense for Barney's bride to be a regular on the show, which only leaves Robin. Becki Newton (Quinn) is starring in a new show for Fox next year called "The Goodwin Games" so I think it is highly unlikely that she will be on both shows next year. Therefore, I think Barney's bride has to be Robin. This is all just my opinion though. Thanks again for reading. I appreciate it!

Oh well. I read the interview wirh Becki Newton and there she says she just having an contract 'til 31-05-2012. So I sure she's not going to be the bride. I believe something like the scene before the last is going to be like Barney is asking Quinn if she is going to marry him ( in the metal box is going to be a wedding ring or so) and either she says yes and then future Ted is going to show Barney with Robin besides him at his wedding or she don't have the chance to answer and then future Ted is going to... . Or we Quinn will answer and a ninja which was bought by one of her clients kills Barney with an arrow (like Robins conclussions in 06x23). Jokes aside. But if they are really are going to show that Robin is going to stand beside Barney I would be the happiest person alive, but wouldn't what be a little to much ? So if in S8 we are going to see Barney asking Robin we all will know that she is going to say yes. Wouldn't that be a little boring ? (I know that Craig&Carter could also have Robin say no and then something is going to change her mind and... this is going to far)
Do you know that I really want ? I want to get to know the mother ! It's going to be eighth season which we are following Ted in finding the mother, his true love, for him the one and then he is going to meet her and that's it ? This ould be something I wouldn't understand. I really want him to be happy and I want to get to know the woman who is finally making him happy.
Sorry for the too long post.

Hi. Craig Thomas said in an interview that season 8 will be the story of "how did we get there?" to Barney's (and I assume Robin's) future wedding day. Season 8 will probably show them getting back together, moving in together, getting engaged, planning their wedding, all leading up to their wedding day. I don't think it will be boring just b/c we now know the outcome to their relationship. Personally, I will enjoy that journey b/c I have been waiting for a B/R endgame since S1's "Zip, Zip, Zip." As for Ted and The Mother, I don't think we will ever see them date each other on the show. I think the last episode of the series is just going to be Ted meeting her for the first time at Barney's wedding. Ted's story to his kids is called "How I Met Your Mother" so it makes sense that the conclusion of his story would be of him meeting The Mother. I understand why you would like to see Ted actually date The Mother on the show, but I just don't know if the writers would actually ever do that. Personally, I would prefer it if the show would end with Ted just meeting The Mother. I think if we got to know The Mother some fans would find a lot of things to complain about with her. I would rather the show end with people assuming The Mother is the best woman for Ted, instead of some of them complaining about how much they dislike her character or the actress who plays her or something. This is just my personal opinion though. Thanks for reading and commenting!

I think Robin and Barney are the greates couple ever on the show, and even back in S1 Robin was willing to do anything Barney told her to like in "Return of the Shirt" Barney dare's Robin to
"Say or do questionable things on the news for money. She refuses at first, but performs the dares upon accepting that nobody will complain because her news channel is now being watched. After doing three dares, Robin is challenged to do the "Ickey Shuffle" at her next news report. Barney has the bar turn on the television to Robin's news show and tells everyone to watch for something amazing. Robin plans to carry out the bet, but changes her mind at the last minute. While interviewing New York City's oldest Hansom cab driver she realizes her job is important to the people she is interviewing even if no one is watching. She stands up but accidentally slips and falls into a pile of horse droppings and curses on live television. Barney thinks this is better than anything he could have planned and everyone in the bar was watching with him. Robin is very embarrassed, especially when Ted reveals that he too saw the incident on the internet."

This to me just proves that even back then, if Barney asked or Dared her to do something... she would, and also in the Episode "Zip, Zip, Zip" It is Robin that does what Barney want's Ted or Marshall to do... She suit's up and goes out on the town with him, going to a cigar bar(which then become's their thing to do) and she join's him in a game of Laser Tag, thust proving that they belong together, even back in S1 when they were just friends, even if at the end of the episode after Barney get's naked, Robin tells him she has feeling's for Ted.

Agreed. Barney and Robin are the greatest couple ever! And like you, I also thought even as far back as Season 1 that they belonged together. B/R rules!

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